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Dragon Booster and the Dark Boosters 3
Chapter 3: A Good Burn
"They where going to make an alliance." Lance stated out of shock.
"Yes. They wanted to rule everything." Connor stated as he looked at the teens.
"How did the queen die?" Kitt asked as she raised an eyebrow.
"She seemed to have die from illness, but I believe that she had died from being poisoned." the dragon priest answered as he looked at everyone.
"Ah, what would she have me do if she did make me her slave?" Lance asked as he looked scared.
"What ever she wanted kid." Moordryd answered as he knew what happened to every dragon and human when they are under the effect of wraith gear.
"Legend also said that the Shade Booster kept trying to get the youngest of the boosters to her side." Connor stated as he started to rub his chin.
"Which one was the youngest?" Artha asked hoping it wasn't the one he suspected.
"The blue draconium Energy Booster." Connor answered making everything look at Lance and Fracshun with worry.
"I'm dead, so very dead." Lance stated as he
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Mature content
Teen Titans Rise of the Stars :iconsnakeofdeath1:snakeofdeath1 1 0
Mature content
Dragon Booster and the Dark Boosters 2 :iconsnakeofdeath1:snakeofdeath1 2 0
Dragon Booster and the Dark Boosters
Chapter One: Darkness Shall Rise
It has been a year since the two boosters got into the Academy. Artha, Moordyd (He made peace with Artha and all of his friends and they know he's the Shadow Booster.), Lance, Kitt, and Parm were all sleeping in the stables of Pinn Stabs with their dragons as all of them were having a nightmare of 5 evil boosters destroying everything they know and everyone they love because they were to weak to stop them. That's when they woke up, all with horror all over their faces.
"I'm not the only one to see 5 evil boosters destroy everything right?" Lance asked as he wiped some sweat off his eye brows.
"I had that dream too Lance." Kitt answered rumbing her head trying to forget the dream.
"What was the dream about?" Connor asked as he walked in with a newspaper and an apple in hand.
So they told him about the dream they all had, and he had a face of horror.
"This shouldn't be happening. We need to find the last of the gautlets and amulets quickly, or darkness wi
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SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage 5
SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage
chapter 5: Long Live Pyroclasim
Everyone was a little shocked that the Omega Force was made by SK but not that shocked since technically they where also made by the same person.
"My master, what should we do now?" Valina asked her master with a bow.
"First, we get rid of these insects." Pyroclasim stated as he blasted SK and Manderin away as if they where nothing.
"Yes our master." Nova and Sw stated as they turned to the two teams they were a part of shortly before.
"Hyper Force..." Chiro started to say.
"Omega Force..." Jenx started to say.
"Retreat!" both Chiro and Jenx yelled as the rest of their teams ran back to the Super Robot.
"Activate the mage-thrusters and get us out of here." Chiro ordered and Gibson did as he was ordered.
"So what do we do with them?" Jinmay asked as she was ready  to knock out the Omega Force.
"We should turn them into spare..." Sparx started to say as he activated his magnets to blast them.
"Parts. You are to angry. You can see
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Storm Hawks: Night Falcon 2
Storm Hawks: The Night Falcons
Chapter 2: The Falcons Descend
Raven was staring at Master Cyclonis with pure terror.
"That's Master Cyclonis." Raven stated as she took a step back.
"I remember you. You're my old look alike." Cyclonis stated as she pointed her crystal staff at her.
"Stay back, Lark." Crow growled at her with such predatory anger that the Dark Ace looked surprised.
"There are only three people that can say my name without trembling like an idiot. One of them is my own grandmother, another one is Ace here and the last one..." Cyclonis started to say but Ace stepped forward and looked right at Crow with pure hatred and pure confusion.
"What's wrong with the Dark Ace?" Junko asked to no one really.
"The last person that's brave enough to call Master Cyclonis by her first name is my little brother." Ace stated as he was still looking at Crow with the same look.
"Well now there are four people who are man enough to call her by her first name." Crow stated as he used a warp cr
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Mature content
Storm Hawks: The Night Falcons :iconsnakeofdeath1:snakeofdeath1 2 2
Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons 3
Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons
Chapter 3: The Evil of the Dark Dragons
After Cynder explained her relationship with Spyro and the whole story of their fight againts Malefor; Breeze, Darkra, Venoma, and Furox looked like that they were wondering how they were still alive after all of that.
"Wow. How are you alive after all of that? I mean really?" Breeze asked just starring at her.
"Well we never gave up and we fought until we couldn't or the enemy was dead." Cynder replied with a tone that sounded like it was a normal thing for her (and it was).
"Is there anything you want to add ah…Cyn…der?" Breeze asked trying to remember Cynder's name correctly.
"No, but it's your turn to tell a story." Cynder replied.
Some of the dragonlings over heard Cynder and now a lot of dark dragons and light dragons started to gather around the girls, and yes Spyro and Cole where still fighting.
"Well the story goes like this." Venoma started while in a poses that looked like she was warming up
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Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons 2
Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons
Chapter 2: Darkness Released
"What does it mean?" Spyro asked.
"I'll tell you young heroes." said a familiar voice that came from everywhere.
"Ignitus, is that you?" Spyro asked ready to see him.
That's when all three of them were warped to some place that seemed to be in between worlds.
"What is this place?" Sparx asked.
"I've been here before. With the Chronicler." Spyro answered.
That's when Ignitus appeared in front of them.
"What happened to you big blue?" Sparx asked.
"I have become the new time keeper." he replied.
"So what is that door or gate for?" Cynder asked.
"It is a barrier to keep us out." he answered.
"Why?" Spyro asked with concern.
"There are eight different dragons. Both of you are embodiments of light or darkness, but Cynder has become an artificial dragon of the four dark elements." Ignitus explained to them.
"Four more dragon elements." Spyro said in a surprised tone.
"How did they get their elements?" Cynder asked in a tone that
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Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons
Spyro and Cynder The Dark Dragons
Chapter 1: The Dark Legend
It has been 5 months since the defeat of Malefor and Spyro and Cynder where enjoying the peace, but after about 3 months they were found and were taken back to Warfang.
Few miles below the surface...
Five young dragons were walking down a tunnel in almost complete darkness.
"Cole, how much longer?" asked a blood red dragoness that looked like a snake with a rattle on the end of her tail.
"Will you shut up Furox you big scared dragon." a pitch black dragoness said that looked like Cynder.
"Oh leave her alone Darkra." a scorpion like bright green dragoness said.
"Ya, she was babied a lot too Venoma." a white dragoness with feathered wings said.
"Breeze, Darkra, Venoma, would you leave Furox alone." said a gray dragon with fish hooked blades on his wings and tail like Cynder and had dark purple eyes and this dragon must have been Cole.
"Cole and Furox, sitting under the light stones. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!" Breeze, Venoma, and Darkra s
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SRMTHFG Flaming Rage 4
SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage
chapter 4: Skeleton King's Return
We find ourselves in the super robot training room where Sw and Nova were going at each other like two dogs fighting over a bone.
"You're good, for a man." Nova said tring to annoy Sw.
"You're not bad too, for a girl." Sw said doing the same thing to annoy her.
"Lady Tomihawk!" Nova yelled slaming the ground as hard as she can, but Sw just jumped above her attack.
"Take this. Saber Sword Furry." Sw yelled and then started to spin around like a top and was heading right at Nova, but that's when Jenx, Cynder, Chiro, and Antauri yelled out as if in pain. Nova and Sw stopped fighting right after that.
"Jenx, Cynder. Are you two ok?" Sw asked as he ran to them.
"Chiro!" both Jinmay and Nova yelled as they ran to him.
"Something is trying to break free from its prison." Antauri said then yelled in pain.
After about five minutes everything seemed to be back to normal.
"Hyper Force Go!" Chiro yelled taking his usual pose when he says it.
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SRMTHFG Flaming Rage 3
SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage
chapter 3: Pyroclasim's New Witch
"I don't care!" Valina yelled as she was about to blast him with all her furry.
"I can give you whatever you want. Eternal young, power, jewels, and much more. So how does that sound?" Pyroclasim asked offering his bony hand to her.
"I would say that I am listening." Valina answered as she took his and was a little surprized at the fact that the fire was cool.
"Then come. We have work to be done." Pyroclasim replied as he made the two of them disappear in a way that looked like they burned into ash.
"They will be back." Antauri stated  with his calm tone of voice.
"And we'll be ready." Chiro added with a calm tone of voice.
"Now let's find out who these six are." Sparx said as he looked at the new comers.
"Well I'm Jenx. I'm the leader." Jenx said as she took a pose like Chiro.
"Second in command and magic expert, Cynder." Cynder said levitating just like Antauri.
"Third in command and combat expert, Sideways." Sideways said
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SRMTHFG Flaming Rage 2
SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage
chapter 2: Pyroclasim Returns
The six new monkeys were staring at what was their master's castle.
"What just happened here?" screamed Star while she was freaking out.
"That was not of the world of science." explained Carly.
"Yes. I believe this is the work of magic." Cynder said trying to calm down Star.
That's when the super robot appeared from the sky and landed behind them.
"What happened here?" Sparx asked as he looked at the ruined castle.
"Why are there more of you?" Chiro asked with a confused look on his face while he looked at the new comers.
That's when a ball of fire shot out of the boiling water that was once a moat.
"This is impossible!" Gibbson said freaking out as his scanner was screaming about a large amount of energy that was coming from the ball of fire.
"I agree." Carly said getting a head start for some reason as well as freaking out.
Then this ball of fire turned into a staff with a goat skull on it as if there was some sort of divine being f
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SRMTHFG Flaming Rage
SRMTHFG! Flaming Rage
Chapter 1: Six new comers
It has been two weeks since the Skeleton King has been reborn, but for some reason he has not attacked.
"I got it!" the lord of bones yelled out as he raised from his throne.
"What is it my lord?" Mandarin asked as he raised his head to see what his master was doing.
"I found a way to destroy those primates for good this time." SK replied as he grabbed items for writing.
"How my lord?" Madarin asked while he stood up to help.
"If my human self can make powerful warriors then I can make more powerful slayers." SK said while looking for a pencil, but then gave up and had a formless ready to record what he said.
"What will they be my king?" Mandarin asked while jumping up and down in joy.
"They will be monkeys!" SK yelled it out as if it was obvious.
"But sir, are you sure?" Mandarin asked prepared to be yelled at.
"Yes I'm sure!" SK was now bellowing at Mandarin.
The first one was female and she had Antauri's ghost claws and phasing ablites
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A friend of mine has recently lost her father, so I told what I think everyone should hear once when they lose a loved one.
I'm very sorry for your lose. I hope you remember him/her/they in great light, and I hope you can push past this time. Here's a tip from some one with a large family on both sides of the family, remember them how they were, and believe that they are always watching over you from a better place. I do that for my great grandmother and every member of my family that has left this world.
Re-post this if you think someone should hear this or something alike it when a death happens in their family.
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